ActivitiesCOS-V works in the Mewar region of South Rajasthan. Most of its operational area is characterized by steep slopes known for its semi-arid climate with extreme temperature variations and erratic rainfall. The rural and tribal communities are characterized by poor indicators on health, education and livelihood. Migration to urban areas in search of livelihood is a common trend in these areas. Lack of livelihood skills, low education level and lack of awareness on health issues make the migrating population vulnerable to many issues like workplace exploitation, occupational health problems etc.

Akola, located 70 kms away from the city of Udaipur is home to color and hand print industries. Several families for generations have been engaged in this art to earn livelihood with self employment. Due to present advancement in technology, these families face stiff competition in the market for substance. The artisans fail to get market for their products as they are not able meet the new designs with color fastness. Skill development opportunities in the clusters of Akola are very much limited. As a result, many of the artisans are
compelled to give up their traditional business and migrate to the cities to join the market of as unskilled labors.
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