Craft Outlet

Our Craft Outlet 'Aavaran'

Initiative to provide livelihood and financial support to the rural artisans and women, COS-V has set up a craft outlet - Aavaran in the city of Udaipur for selling the products made by these artisans. It serves as a market linkage for these artisans.

Aavaran offers a wide assortment of apparels, home furnishing and accessories with a touch of Indian traditional art and creative designs developed by skilled women of rural areas. We are working with SHGs of Akola which is known for its illustrious block printing. It has market linkages with Fab India, Raw Mango and Realm clothing. Its products have been certified by Craftmark.

We are also providing trainings to the SHGs of Vedanta. Aavaran participates in state as well as national level exhibitions to showcase its product range to the buyers and retailers. Kala Ghoda and Dastakar have proved good platform.

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