JaagritiLegal Awareness Pogram for Women's

A long journey of decades after Independence of our country, the socioeconomic status of Women is still very sensitive today. In the present scenario COS-V analyzes that women's status is still unprivileged where following factors contribute a lot-
  • Drudgery - at household & in field work.
  • Low level of awareness and literacy.
  • Low / No Involvement in decision making (Social & Economical).
  • Women's representation in social & political bodies like Panchayat is rare, more forced than voluntary.


COS-V in alliance with National Commission for Women (NCW) started a series of Legal Awareness Programmes to make aware Women living in rural areas with an vision-
  • To communicate realistic information about the fundamental legal rights and remedies provided under a variety of women related laws.
  • To make them aware in regard to the procedure of approaching and utilizing various channels available for the redressal of grievances i.e. the Police, the Executive and the Judiciary.
  • To make them aware in regard to the role of Courts to achieve gender equality, most significantly the perception of public interest litigation.
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