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Centre of the Study of Values (COS-V) is working for the development of deprived tribal communities of Southern Rajasthan since 1988. COS-V focuses on Women & Child Development so as to help them get access to their basic rights and make them self sustainable through skill development and economic empowerment. COS-V's operational areas amidst the Aravalli hills are characterized by scarce resources and limited opportunities compelling the village communities to opt migration in search of livelihood. With a very limited skill and low education status, most of the villagers get engaged in low skill jobs like wage labor with a very low income and are at risk of many vulnerabilities related to migration. Given this context COS-V seeks to improve the overall status of rural communities especially tribal, through creating awareness and capacity building.

Since its inception, COS-V's efforts have been at finding sustainable solutions to overcome poverty and suffering of the un-reached, who are poor, weak, marginalized and excluded sections of the society. Through its work, it aims at encouraging and enabling these socially excluded people to participate in the process of their governance and thus strives to achieve equity and justice for all. Recognizing the power of knowledge and awareness, the approach is at building capacities of the rural communities and promoting experiential learning to collectively work to address people's vulnerabilities caused by natural calamities, unequal power 1 distribution, disability and sufferings.


To provide opportunities of education & growth to empower rural & indigenous communities become self-sustainable.


Developing high socio-cultural values in Society and provide better facilities for educational, health, giving priorities and importance to rehabilitation of weaker section.
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