Path Ahead
Path AheadProgram intervention during the year provided great input towards women's empowerment. In order to protecting women from injustice, they must be aware of their basic rights. In view of this “Jaagriti “– Legal awareness programme for women were organized in the project location. This helped women to defend and fight back against the violation of their basic rights. When women understand and advocate for their rights things changes –they become confident, and thus actively participate in their community.

COS-V visualize women equipped with job skill training and basic business education along with awareness of their rights go on to become leaders inspiring other women to follow in their steps. There are barriers preventing women from economic stability. Cultural and societal barriers are one of them. As a part of the programme COS-V will help in creating awareness about the values of women's work both inside and outside the home, developing skills for household management and promoting women's productivity for economic self-sufficiency. Money management and managing finance is an unknown concept to many women we serve.

We will be introducing the concept of savings with the women's group and create awareness on how saving money can help them reach their goal. After understanding of the basics, women examine personal income generation goals.

One of the crucial steps is to conduct assessment on the condition of women in handicraft sector which is one of the major jobs providing sector. Identifying most viable market opportunity is the cornerstone of income generation. COS-V continues to work for women empowerment and help them become economically self sufficient which would change their lives. COS-V will persist to carry out vocational trainings also for youth to help build new way of life.
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